Clintons earned over 10 million in 2015

Clintons earned over 10 million in 2015

World August 12, 2016 19:09

- Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill in 2015 earned more than $ 10 million and taking over 34 per cent tax paid. This is evident from the tax information of the Clintons who made public Friday the Democratic presidential candidate.

Releasing tax information by US presidential candidates has been a tradition for decades. The Clintons, who perform all public offices for decades, his tax information known since 1977. In 2015 Bill Clinton earned as speaker nearly 5.3 million dollars. Hillary Clinton received $ 3 million for her book about her time as Foreign Minister.

Clinton's opponent Donald Trump refuses to disclose his tax records and has since given different explanations for the last time. He would currently being audited by the tax authorities and could therefore not play a card face up. This is contradicted by the tax authorities. Trump also said that what he pays in taxes nobody enters something.
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