Clinton, Trump for the first time together

Clinton, Trump for the first time together

World September 6, 2016 07:30

- The two US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to appear Wednesday for the first time during the campaign together for the voters and the camera. Democrat and Republican are not going to engage in a debate, but speak individually with their audience of veterans.

The meeting is on primetime broadcast live by two American news channels. The 'Supreme Commanders Forum 'organized by an association of soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To ask for the two presidential candidates do not doubt missing. The foreign and security policy is one of the key areas in which they are flown each other's throats in recent months. Trump example, relies on itself at the time against the invasion of Iraq to have done while Clinton just advocated. He also accused Clinton of them to downplay Islamic extremism. They shall in turn it trumps inadequate knowledge and his personality is unfit to perform the command of the US Army.
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The American voter has two weeks longer wait for the first election debate between the two rivals.

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