Clinton: Silicon Valley to fight ISIS

Clinton: Silicon Valley to fight ISIS

Tech December 7, 2015 11:07

- Hillary Clinton believes the US tech sector must take action to combat ISIS. She said in a speech Sunday, reports Los Angeles Times.

" We have to deny the virtual territory of jihadists in the same way as their real territory ", represents Clinton. She therefore wants the US technology sector kicks in this mission. " You will probably begin to hear the usual complaints: freedom of speech and so on. But if we want squeezing their funding and to prevent foreign sympathetic we should abandon their communications to close. "" We need more support from our friends in the technology sector for terrorists to prohibit access to the online world ", represents the presidential candidate.

" We have to ask them to help us in this. " Obama agrees with his Democratic colleagues and reported later in the day during a televised speech that he plans to put technology in the fight against extremism. " I will ask leaders from the technology and law enforcement in order to make it more difficult for terrorists to use technology to flee from justice. "

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