Clinton and Kaine hand in hand to convention

Clinton and Kaine hand in hand to convention

World July 25, 2016 06:00

- Democrats meet on Monday in Philadelphia to officially designate Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the presidential elections. They appointed a few days ago, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her 'running-mate.

In photographs are Clinton (68) and Kaine (58) to see a harmonious duo, hand in hand towards the presidency. That they wanted to distinguish itself from the rival Republican Donald Trump, which was formally designated as a candidate last week during some turbulent events in Cleveland.

However, the candidacy of Clinton is not entirely smooth concluded. Her fiddling with secret documents them as foreign minister under Obama sent through her private mail, caused some commotion. Last week also showed off emails that were revealed through WikiLeaks, her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders had optornen behind the scenes against the party establishment, which necessarily want to see Hillary as a candidate.
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