Clean rapidly Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

Clean rapidly Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

Tech October 23, 2015 15:52

- Browsers remember much of your browsing habits, anywhere store cookies on and keep where you've been. If you do not want this, you can use the incognito mode of the browser or remove the traces. The last we are going to automate so your tracks automatically disappear when you close your browser.

Step 01: Firefox

Firefox has many options when it comes to your privacy. You can control the things you remember from the browser to the smallest detail. Press the Alt key, select Tools / Options and go to the Privacy tab. In this screen you will find several options. Read them carefully and indicate what you want to clean. Place a checkmark next to Clear history when Firefox closes and click behind Settings. Here you can check exactly what items Firefox should automatically remember at closing.

Step 02: Google Chrome

To remove the mark in Google Chrome automatically, you need an extra extension. This is called Click & Clean and can be found in the Chrome web store. After adding the expansion will Click & Clean download an additional program. You should install this as well. Then you can use the Click & Clean button in Google Chrome indicate which parts you want to clean. After you've made your selection, look at options. Place a checkmark next to Tools / Delete private data when Chrome closes.

Step 03: Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, click the gear icon and choose Internet Options. Place a checkmark next to remove browsing history on exit. Click the Remove button and determine which parts you want to clean. The top option is called retain Favorites website data and is useful to not turn off. With this example, you stay logged into Mark Post and Google if you've added them as a favorite.

Step 04: Manual

Obviously, you do not need to automate cleaning. The history and other personal information you can in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer also manually remove. In these browsers works the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del to clear your browser cache quickly.


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