Clash of the titans at Republicans

Clash of the titans at Republicans

World December 16, 2015 00:28

- Until now it was boxing with kid gloves between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, fearing their constituents who are often in the same pond- save for the head. But tensions run ahead of a new Republican TV debate tonight in Las Vegas, and now it's still hard whack blown.

And so the 69-year-old Trump pulls back from teaching at Trumpiaanse way towards the man he previously still saw as his potential vice president. "A maniac," he calls the ultraconservative senator from Texas who gets great support from religious America. Thereby Cruz scores well in farming state of Iowa where the first election taking place and where each candidate will directly reach his goal. It's Trump cross, though the real estate tycoon following his controversial statements on a temporary travel ban Muslim country increased even more in the polls (41 percent) and performs with long distance race on the Republican side.But in Iowa Cruz seems to match him at least. The tactics of the relatively young Texan (44) is thought out. After Iowa follow the more liberal New Hampshire where he makes significantly less likely. But he was allowed in Iowa the victory run away, the momentum can turn to him. Especially since mid-February after the New Hampshire North Carolina and more conservative southern states and follow the so-called Bible Belt, allowing Cruz can take the lead.Cruz is a hardliner and figurehead of the Tea Party, the right wing of the Republican Party. A former prosecutor of Hispanic descent with racial ideas about gay marriage and abortion. His father is a very conservative pastor who fled in 1957 from Cuba.Cruz hate the new sickness Obama and pro gun ownership. He's like Trump also unpopular with the party leadership of the Republican Party, but with him they seem just a little better life. But his message as activist and evangelist outsider catching on.Trump feels the danger. He chooses the attack as then retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson seemed just emerging. With a few nasty remarks he knew Carson licking wounds to send home, though it must be said that the surgeon also collaborated by lying about his past.The rise of Cruz, who swallowed a lot of votes from Carson seems to take longer. So Trump rubs to have him in a much better judgment. Important if you as commander-in-chief enters the White House. Trump points out that Cruz was partly responsible for the budget crisis that the government unfinanced shifted to his hole.The real estate tycoon will not bow to the upcoming youngster, this much is clear. And therefore can display fireworks are expected in the last debate of 2015 which is seen as crucial because the Christmas break The campaign two weeks is virtually silent and the primary in Iowa already taking place on February 1st. The polls in that state, which Cruz always give better grades, Trump incidentally relies on a meter. He believes it is an inexpensive way to influence the voters.Meanwhile let Trump yesterday a statement from his doctor to public doubts about his age and to take away the heavy office of president. It said- entirely Trumpiaanse way- that real estate millionaire, he would, would ever be the healthiest president of America.Follow the debate live via the tweets of correspondent Herman Stam.Tweets byHermanStam! function (d, s, id) {var js, fis = d. getElementsByTagName (s) [0], p = / ^ http: /. test 'http', 'https'; if {js = d (d location.)? (d getElementById (id!).). createElement (s); js. id = id; js. src = p + ": platform // / js widgets..."; fis. parent node. insertBefore (js, fis);}} (document, "script", "twitter-WJS");

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