Cigarettes within five years out of sight

Cigarettes within five years out of sight

World July 5, 2017 05:51

the hague - Shops selling tobacco must expose their smoking products within five years. Only for specialty stores, State Secretary Martin van Rijn of Public Health makes an exception.

Supermarkets are no longer able to exhibit their tobacco by 2020, Van Rijn writes to the Lower House. Gas stations, kiosks, drug stores, bookstores and other outlets get two years longer. Stores that sell nothing but tobacco can show their value to customers, but no longer in their stores.

With the exhibition ban, self-administration is now taboo. That makes the threshold for buying smokers too low, finds Van Rijn. Grain bags in shops and cigarettes in the catering industry must therefore disappear in 2022.

The Secretary of State has announced in his letter of Wednesday that he believes that smoking of herbal mixtures with a water pipe should also be covered by the smoking ban. He points out that some mixtures contain nicotine and therefore addictive. They can also cause the same conditions as ordinary tobacco. But he will send it to a new cabinet to arrange that.

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