Chriet Titulaer (73) died

Chriet Titulaer (73) died

Tech April 24, 2017 09:03

- Chriet Titulaer died this weekend. Let his family members know about De Limburger. The scientist, astronomer and television personality has become 73 years.

Titulaer, born in Limburg's Hout-Blerick, was widely seen on television between 1969 and 1990. He began his television career as a presenter and commentator of historical events such as the Moon Landing in 1969 and the launch of the Spaceshuttle Columbia in 1981.

In the eighties he became even more familiar with his scientific program TROS Wonder World. He was also co-founder of projects such as the House of the Future and the Office of the Future.

In the nineties he sold his media production company because his health deteriorated. According to De Limburger, Titulaer has been living in a private care center in Driebergen in recent years.

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