Chinese people do well located on dog meat

Chinese people do well located on dog meat

World June 21, 2016 16:09

- Despite strong protests from both home and abroad, the annual dog meat festival started again in southwest China. During the ten-day festival in Yulin are an estimated 10,000 dogs and cats slain and eaten.

Activists call the festival eats cruel and took all of 11 million signatures to abolish it. However, local authorities say little to do because the festival is organized by private companies, the BBC reports.

The organization says that dogs are skinned in a humane manner and that they are often discarded animals that roam the streets. Opponents say that dogs are beaten and even boiled alive
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     An animal rights activist is trying to buy a dog to avoid being eaten.
     Photo: EPA
     According to the organization, the dogs are humanely skinned.
     Photo: EPA

Eating dog meat is an ancient tradition in China. Many people believe that it helps against the immense heat in the summer months. However, in recent years there protests gained momentum against the tradition. A recent poll showed that 64 percent of the Chinese people is the abolition of the festival in Yulin. 51.7% want off completely from eating dog meat.

Animal welfare organizations are trying to save as many dogs slaughter. 'It's horrible to think that if we had not been these animals were beaten to death and eaten,' said Qin Xiaona of the Capital Animal Welfare Association charity. Her organization managed to save the eve of the festival twenty dogs.

In China, an estimated 10 million dogs slain for consumption.

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