China silent on amounts defense

China silent on amounts defense

World March 5, 2017 09:54

beijing - China allows defense spending to rise along this year with the gross domestic product, about 7 percent. This would amount to little more than 1 trillion yuan (136 billion), roughly a quarter of the defense budget of the United States.

However, unlike submitted to the prior year's budget Sunday at the Chinese National People's Congress said no specific amounts. The only explanation is that reforms are supported ' a solid defense and strong armed forces to build, which are in conformity with the international standing of China and tailored to our national security and development interests. '

China has said repeatedly that his defense expenditure are transparent. Why are the figures made public this year is unclear. A researcher at the Academy of Military Science, Chenzhou, called Transparency Saturday ' historical process'. ' It's not that the government says it can not be made transparent. The man in the street believes that if it is brought to the outside, this may have an influence on the national security. ''

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