China launches first commercial rocket

China launches first commercial rocket

World May 17, 2018 08:51

beijing - China has for the first time brought a rocket from a commercial company into orbit around the earth. The Beijing based company OneSpace Technology developed the Chongqing Liangjiang Star, reports Chinese state media.

Chinese president Xi Jinping said earlier that his country should become a 'superpower' in the space field. The Chinese authorities encourage the industry to make a contribution to this. The launch of Thursday was a milestone in that respect, because the country previously sent rockets that had been developed by the state into space.

The OneSpace rocket can take a load of 100 kilos at an altitude of 800 kilometers into orbit around the earth. Founder Shu Chang told China Daily last week that his company wants to develop larger rockets in the future and to enter the international market.

The Chinese already have an advanced space program. China is one of the few countries that can actually bring people into orbit around the earth. The Chinese government also has the ambition to create a manned space station.

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