China condemns coming warship US

China condemns coming warship US

World October 27, 2015 10:24

- China, the arrival of an American warship, which is heading for artificial islands in the South China Sea, condemned. The Chinese embassy in Washington said that the US " should not use freedom of navigation as an excuse to show muscles " the. Also, it should not undermine the sovereignty and security of other countries.

The US Department of Defense announced on Monday that it sends a torpedobotjager up to 12 miles (22 kilometers) from the so-called Spratly 's. These are artificial islands that China has built. They were underwater at high tide, until they opspoot China in 2014 and turned into islands.

The United States proposes to sending the warship to the territorial claims of China in the area of the jaw. The destroyer approached the islands and there will be " several hours " bivouac. Probably the ship accompanied by a surveillance plane.

The Spratly Islands are incidentally also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan.

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