Children found 50 years after the fact?

Children found 50 years after the fact?

World January 23, 2018 13:54

adelaide - Half a century after the mysterious disappearance of two sisters and their little brother in Australia, it seems that the case is solved.

Jane (9), Arnna (7) and the 4-year-old Grant Beaumont asked their parents in January 1966 if they could go to the beach. They went by bus, a five-minute stretch that they had traveled more often.

Since then, despite of large-scale search operations, nothing has been heard from them. The only indication ever was that they had been seen with a tall slender blonde man.

In the past half century there have been several theories about the disappearance. In 2013 a book was published about the case in which it was concluded that a local businessman had killed the children. They would then be buried on a company site by two men who had been ordered to dig a pit. However, a search did not yield anything.

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