CBP: no separate privacy rules motorist

CBP: no separate privacy rules motorist

Tech November 25, 2015 14:30

- The Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) disagrees with the ANWB the need for specific legislation to protect the privacy of motorists. "That is not necessary, the current regulatory response," announced a spokeswoman for the privacy watchdog Wednesday.

The ANWB warned Tuesday that sending more and more modern cars privacy-sensitive data to the automaker, without the driver knows it. It is information like last hundred attended parking, routes and destinations, but also information about driving behavior and even the use of seat belts.

Or manufacturers in this offense, the CPB spokeswoman could not say.,null, The law requires that people be properly informed. Permission must be asked in order to use data, and consumers need to know exactly what data for what purposes are used, '' said the spokeswoman.

According to the ANWB knows three quarters of Dutch motorists not what manufacturers are up to with the data connection with the car. Except that privacy can be violated, the ANWB also fears that the motorist is completely dependent on the dealer for maintenance and repairs. The organization will, together with other car clubs in Europe, that there is separate legislation to protect the privacy of motorists.

According to Harald Bresser of RAI advocacy group for car manufacturers made ​​the problem bigger than it is.,null, Of course automobile manufacturers gather data. But they are keenly aware that they are here to deal with it very carefully. '' The call from the ANWB, according to him also with protecting its own emergency services.,null, They have a commercial interest and are afraid that the roadside will no longer come with data, '' said Bresser.

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