Catalan ministers are not expelled

Catalan ministers are not expelled

World May 16, 2018 10:24

brussels - The European arrest warrant against three ministers of the deposed Catalan government is 'not feasible'. This has been determined by the Brussels Council Chamber. The Spanish justice has asked Belgium to deliver Meritxell Serret, Lluís Maria Puig and Antoni Comín after they fled to Belgium in October with their premier Carles Puigdemont.

Spain wants to prosecute the three for abuse of their office and government money, disobedience, rebellion and sedition. Their former Prime Minister Puigdemont has been in Germany since the end of March, where he was arrested on his way back to Belgium after a lecture in Finland. He was released after interrogation and awaits the settlement of his extradition procedure in Germany.

Puigdemont was succeeded on Monday by Quim Torra, who said he would hold the same line as the former leader of the seperatists. Puigdemont had the Catalonian Parliament declare independence from Catalonia on 27 October last year after a referendum. He was removed from office the same day by the Spanish government

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