Catalan leader brings game to the car

World October 19, 2017 09:15

barcelona - The Catalan leader Puigdemont does not claim his previous declaration of independence, as Madrid demanded from him. On the contrary, in the letter he sends to Madrid, he threatens to officially vote on the declaration of independence.

This is apparent from the letter he sent to Rajoy, who arrived at the Moncloa in Madrid a few minutes ago. In that, Puigdemont says, 'If the government continues to stop dialogue and continue the repression,' the Catalan parliament will, if deemed opportune, formally vote on the statement. '

Madrid has not responded to the message of the Catalan 'president'. If the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy holds a word, Article 155 will be used for the Catalonia region. By doing so, Catalonia will in part, in part, be deprived of self-government.

If Madrid indeed uses Article 155, it must first determine which specific measures will be taken. The whole government can be dissolved, or the leaders can be arrested and elections can be written out. In the walkways, it was heard that Madrid wanted to replace Oriol Junqueras, the first vice president, because he was held responsible for the organization of the prohibited referendum of October 1. Also, Madrid would strengthen the grip on the Catalan tax service.

All Spanish TV channels counted off for the ultimatum that Puigdemont made by Madrid: to declare it unambiguously for 10 hours today. Puigdemont had to do that of Madrid because of confusion whether he or she had declared independence. 'Just say si or no, that's hard enough,' said the Spanish vice president earlier this week.

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