Cat killer appears fox

Cat killer appears fox

World September 21, 2018 05:16

amsterdam - Ten thousand British pounds of reward praised animal activists. For three years, Scotland Yard inspectors inspected all blood traces. Now the likely 'killer' of hundreds of house cats is finally known: the fox.

Yesterday, the police in London published the results of a long-term investigation into the death of as many as five hundred pets, including many cats. The conclusion is surprising: it is not about one or more human perpetrators. For years shocked owners and anxious animal lovers have assumed that a cut-up human sadist put an end to the lives of beloved four-legged friends. The 'killer' was named M25 cat killer in a British media to a nearby highway, and was compared to the notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper.

However, inspectors did not find evidence for human involvement after thorough research. There have never been any perpetrators on TV cameras, there are no witnesses that have been seen by traffickers, and there are no forensic indications that indicate human presence.

DNA traces point to another culprit: the fox. Or better, foxes. According to Henry Martineau, an involved veterinary forensic pathologist, the wounds in the various killed pets indicate attacks by foxes. Camera images near the crime scene also point to it: up to three times, Reintje dragged a piece of cat's bolt along.

Incidentally, one animal protection organization, in spite of the facts, still suspects people of the 'cat murders'.

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