Carson is certain: pyramids were grain silos

Carson is certain: pyramids were grain silos

World November 5, 2015 12:30

- Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is absolutely certain : the pyramids were no graves but intended to store grain in. The retired neurosurgeon, which in the polls now Donald Trump has become outdated, is still haunted by that statement he made in 1998.

At the time, Carson spoke at Andrews University in Michigan, an educational institution that is affiliated with the conservative Seventh-day Adventists. That archaeologists and historians claim are dismissed as nonsense, nothing bother him. Carson is based on the Old Testament, he reiterated Wednesday against CBS News that he once felt about his thesis to the test. The granary was intended for the seven lean years.

In turn, rejected the Republican suggestion that maybe the pyramids were created by aliens flatly. " You do not need alien if God is on your side. "

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