Cameron wants progress in Brexitgesprekken

Cameron wants progress in Brexitgesprekken

World December 17, 2015 22:30

brussels - British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to Thursday at a summit of heads of State and Government of the European Union 'real progress' book in the negotiations on the position of his country in the EU. Britain wants to change four points, ahead of a referendum on membership of the country of the EU.

\x26amp; quot; I want to see real progress on all four points \x26amp; quot ;, Cameron said. He will not fight to achieve at the summit an agreement on this matter, but he wants \x26amp; quot; momentum \x26amp; quot ;. \x26amp; quot; I will fight for the British law, and I think we can get a good deal. \x26amp; quot;

The UK points are: the position of non-euro countries, the payment of control in Brussels, better regulation and the wish that newcomers have to wait four years before they are eligible for benefits and social housing. The latter in particular is very sensitive to the other Member States, if not unacceptable.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated that Germany Brits like to keep within the EU. \x26amp; quot; However, the fundamentals of the union, such as non-discrimination, can not be compromised \x26amp; quot ;, she warned. A deal is what Merkel concerns are possible if all countries are prepared to make concessions.

The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel warned firm Cameron. \x26amp; quot; negotiations have a departure and an end. Camerons starting point is certainly not the end point. \x26amp; quot;

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