Cameron led Conservatives back to power

Cameron led Conservatives back to power

World June 24, 2016 09:09

london - British Prime Minister David Cameron, who Friday announced his departure did for his Conservative Party what Tony Blair did earlier for Labour. He brought the party back to the center of power, while other parties did crumble their supporters. The Tories since then have been inaccessible to a civil war within the conservative ranks on British EU membership, the party nearly detonated and Cameron took the cup.

Cameron acted as a young and relatively inexperienced politician as party leader in 2005. He was the fifth in eight years and it was up to him to restore the election of the Conservatives profit machine that had the party in the last century.

Cameron comes from the liberal wing of the party and is praised for his statesmanship. He is one of the longest-serving Conservative Prime Ministers in history; only the pre-war Prime Ministers Stanley Baldwin, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher later lived longer at 10 Downing Street.
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Cameron has a classic conservative background. The son of a stockbroker and a judge, he attended the prestigious boys school Eton and Oxford University. He is descended from King William IV and is a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth.

According to his friends Cameron led a privileged life until his wife Samantha and he had the first of their four children, severely disabled Ivan. The experience of Ivan Cameron opened eyes to the problems of the UK health and he mentions the reforms he carried through it his life's work. Ivan died in 2009.

Cameron promised last year to prevent the referendum on the European Union in an attempt to the right wing of the party would go over to the euro critical UKIP. He conducted himself fiercely campaign for a longer stay in the EU. With that decision the people to consult it appears the end of his reign about to have called them. Friday, when his position had become untenable by the victory of the proponents of a brexit, he announced that he gives way to October for a new prime minister.

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