CALL: Horror Elevator

CALL: Horror Elevator

World June 28, 2016 07:27

eindhoven - Yesterday it was the talk of the day: the horror lift in the Bart Smit Woensel shopping center in Eindhoven. A mother and her baby were almost crushed by the elevator. If by some miracle they escaped.

The mother walked with her child in a buggy in the lift, while there was no elevator. It happened on the ground floor, so they did not fall. But the elevator doors closed and the elevator came down and pressed the woman with stroller on the ground. The elevator stopped only 50 centimeters from the ground, presumably because the colossus with buggies collided, police said.

Partly thanks to quick action by bystanders, including an approximately 12-year-old boy ran well. The editors of the Telegraph is looking for the mother in question and the bystanders who helped. Were you involved or you know more? Mail your contact information to news @ telegraph. viz.
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