Cairo Stadium heavily protected for pause visit

Cairo Stadium heavily protected for pause visit

World April 29, 2017 10:42

cairo - Under very strict security measures, a mist began in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Saturday for the visit of Pope Franciscus to the country. The pope drove to a golf cart by a stadium just outside the city and waved to the thousands of believers.

A total of around 25,000 people are expected, but the stadium was still half empty on arrival of the pope.

Just like Friday, when the church commander began his visit to Egypt, heavy security measures were in force. On the closed roads outside the city and in the stadium there are thousands of security forces. At the entrance of the stadium everyone is monitored extensively. Many visitors had to hand in their mobile phones. Above the stadium circle helicopters.

Despite the few empty rings in the stadium, the mood is good. People wave Egyptian flags while loud music sounds through the arena. 'The visit of Franciscus is very important, especially in this time of terror. Not just for Christians, but for all Egyptians, 'said a visitor. It is clear that the pope wants to spread peace.

In the Arab country with a predominant Muslim population, about 10 percent are Christians, most of whom are heads. In Egypt, about 270,000 Catholics live. Christians are becoming more and more targeted victims. Three weeks ago, more than forty people died in attacks on two Coptic churches in the north of the country.

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