Busy night for fire storm

Busy night for fire storm

World June 23, 2016 05:57

- Great showers and thunderstorms concerns in the night between Wednesday and Thursday to problems in the west of the country. Then around 2:00 pm the storm erupted, the fire quickly got dozens of reports of flooding and lightning, especially on the islands of South Holland and around Rotterdam and The Hague.

Including in The Hague and Schiedam streets were flooded within minutes. Also highways including the A12 and the A20 were equally impassable by the heavy rainfall, warned road users through social media.

In some places the lightning hit into. Residents of three houses in Pijnacker had their house after an attic had caught fire. It remained in material damage. A house fire caused by lightning in Moerkapelle broke out and the occupants were out quickly.
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Some residents in Brielle were extracted crude from their sleep; they had to leave as a precaution the building at Nobelstraat after a fire alarm and were collected in the area, while firefighters checked the hotel. Major incidents have visibility so far not occurred and there are no known injuries.

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