Buikloop in holiday park

Buikloop in holiday park

World July 31, 2017 07:48

struga - In a water park on Ohrid lake in Macedonia last week, dozens of Dutch children became ill on holiday. Parents complain about 'vomiting and diarrhea'.

Struga is a popular seaside resort in the Netherlands this summer. Many families go to the luxury hotel Izgrev because of the water park with slides, swimming pools and other waterfront on Ohrid beach. The prices are attractive.

'But that's fun soon if our kids are still spitting themselves, polluting themselves and staying in bed. You can take forgiveness: as soon as a plane arrives with a new cargo of tourists, many after a day or two, are getting sick. Some adults also suffer from stomach ulcer ', according to mothers Marise and Ester.

Hotel owner Ayhan Mavisu says to sit on top of that. 'We make measurements three times a day to test the quality of water and food. Official reports indicate that everything is clean. We pay extra attention to the hygiene to protect the hundreds of children we receive daily on the floor, 'he told The Telegraph last night.

Nevertheless, Dutch tourists find that more needs to be done. 'We are angry. The tour guide also holds hands in the hair. This is not normal. It's the talk of the day. If the situation does not improve now, we'll go away, 'says Marise.

'With the hotel itself nothing is wrong. It is in a beautiful location, the facilities are good, the staff is friendly and helpful. However, we do not receive recognition for our health complaints. It would be our own behavior, outside food, temperature fluctuations and, they claim, children are at once susceptible. Nonsense, 'adds Ester.

According to Mavisu, it is not excluded that an unknown virus is the cause. 'Children who play close to each other all the day get together faster. Monday we are going to re-research. The lower stone must come above, because this is no fun to anyone. If there are guests who want to go to another hotel, we will arrange that. '

Two years ago, Hotel Izgrev was also struggling with an outbreak of food or water poisoning. Then, Dutch travel agencies had to evacuate tourists in a variety of ways, because more than half were ill. According to them, that is not the case now, according to reactions from industry organization ANVR.

According to the Dutch Family Practice, one in five tourists do not feel well abroad. Some become really ill, especially because of infections or disorders of the intestines.

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