Brussels busy inefficient kettle

Brussels busy inefficient kettle

World November 8, 2016 14:15

brussels - Kettles, hand dryers, refrigerated containers, solar panels and lifts slurping too much energy should a few years the market. The European Commission will this add products later this month to a list of devices that are subject to stringent energy requirements.

Vice President Frans Timmermans said on Tuesday that only those products are selected which has been scientifically proven that they contribute greatly to energy saving. 'Low-hanging fruit' as toasters and hairdryers are not (yet) covered.

This policy, known as eco-design, according to Brussels has in recent years resulted in savings equivalent to the annual energy consumption of Italy. The next few years could be saved consumption of Sweden. Ecodesign households would save annually if 330 euros now, because of the requirements, for example dishwashers, refrigerators and clothes dryers. That is the right products reach up to more than 500 euros.

Although Carpenter acknowledged that such measures are socially sensitive, according to him, this policy is not a bureaucratic meddling. 'It is good for innovation, European competitiveness and combating climate change. And it saves people money. '

Both industry and consumers see the benefits of eco-design in accordance with ever more in him. Also, most Member States are in favor, according to an 'optimistic' Timmermans. The vice president spoke at the Brussels offices of BEUC, the European umbrella organization of consumer organizations. Which encouraged the European Commission to 'more ambitious'.

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