Britons think: rather no brexit

World December 16, 2017 22:54

london - A majority of the British are currently rejecting the brexit. A survey by BMG Research commissioned by The Independent among about 1,400 persons entitled to vote has shown that 51 percent are now against a departure from the European Union. Only 41 percent want Prime Minister Theresa May to continue with the negotiations, which enter the second phase. Since the plebiscite in 2016, the brexit support has not been so small.

Seven percent of the respondents said 'do not know', the rest did not want to answer the question. When the researchers urged the doubters and refusals to speak out on pain of exclusion, the percentage that would prefer to stay in the EU rose to 55.5 percent, 44.5 still preferred divorce.

BMG boss Michael Turner said that the poll does indicate a clear trend, but certainly does not say everything because among those questioned were also people who had not bothered going to the polls a year and a half ago. Among them are now considerably more 'no' than 'yes' sayers against brexit. The Independent is coming Sunday with a special edition in which political leaders are asked if it is not time for a new referendum.

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