Brexit minister wants to keep new immigrants

Brexit minister wants to keep new immigrants

World July 17, 2016 12:27

london - British Brexit minister wants a new wave of migrants to the UK to prevent the country leaving the EU. Minister David Davis, whose role is to guide his country in the European Union, said EU migrants allowed to continue between now and the start of the UK from the block may not be possible. He wants to avoid a last-minute run to Britain, he said Sunday against The Mail.

Davis wants,, a generous scheme for EU migrants here and for British citizens in the EU '', but that will not apply to new entrants. On the possibility of a wave of migrants at the time of brexit, Davis said:,, We can thus face. There are various possibilities. ''

,, Perhaps we should say that the right to remain indefinitely applies to a specific date. But you must make decisions based on reality, not speculation, '' said Davis.
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Davis also said that Article 50, the mechanism that controls a departure from the EU can be invoked within two years, beginning in 2017. That would mean that the Brexit may be a reality in 2019.

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