Brexit good news for Irish start-ups

Brexit good news for Irish start-ups

Tech June 30, 2016 08:36

- Not everyone turns to regret the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The start-upcommissaris Dublin, Niamh Bushnell, has thanked the British for the upcoming brexit. Irish hopes that more businesses choose to set up their start-up in Dublin, reports Bloomberg.

Ireland is already one of the most important tech countries within the EU. For example, include Apple, Facebook, and Twitter Slack their European headquarters in Ireland, but the competition in particular the UK is great. Bushnell sees opportunities now direct access to risk losing the European consumer businesses in London. She argues that Dublin will soon be the only major city in the British Isles within the EU and that it is also the only English-speaking capital of the European Union.

Yet there is optimism for the Irish still one major setback in the air. Ireland is for US companies especially interesting because of the low tax rates. These rates are as low as the Irish link up with the rates of the United Kingdom. Chances are that, after the brexit more the need to go step with the rest of the European Union. Especially France wants to work there.
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