'Breathe Slot in every car

'Breathe Slot in every car

Tech February 20, 2017 10:27

amsterdam - All cars must be in our country equipped with a final breath, speed limiter and equipment that flaps makes it possible with a smartphone and email while driving.

That advocates Egbert-Jan van Hasselt of the National Police. The nationwide project Infrastructure says that only such measures provide for a reduction in the number of casualties.

The Commissioner revealed his plans at the premiere of the movie dashcam, yesterday afternoon at De Telegraaf. 'Motorists behave worse. Distraction, drinking and excessive speed in traffic are more often the cause of accidents, 'Van Hasselt. 'Technically, here is what to do. So if you have drunk, your car just will not start and a beep when you're driving, going too fast down or brake your car off automatically. I appeal to the politicians to work here. '

Rural traffic officer Achilles Damen find it an interesting plan. 'All the technical tools that can make it safer and help reduce the number of victims, I find worthwhile. Provided there are no legal snags sit, I am in favor. '

Read the whole story: Officials away with dashcam (Premium)

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