Breakthrough in Germany

Breakthrough in Germany

World January 30, 2018 19:39

berlin - A fourth Merkel cabinet has been a bit closer since today. The negotiating parties- conservatives and social democrats- reached an important compromise in the family reunification for refugees, which for the time being is up to a thousand people per month. Only the left SPD members can now throw a spanner in the works with a veto.

For the time being, the warring center parties are simply saying that they agree on disagreeing with each other. The Bavarian CSU, who repeatedly invited the Hungarian fences builder Victor Orban with all respect, actually does not want to bring families of asylum seekers to Germany.

The Social Democrats want families from a humanitarian point of view and, above all, because of perceived advantages when integrating young refugees. However, it was announced today that two Syrian asylum seekers may even have their second wives come to the North German Pinneberg.

Now the Christian fractions of CDU, CSU with the SPD, postpone this bottleneck until the summer, and then there is probably already a new cabinet. The breakthrough in Germany was urgently needed, because the new law on family reunification was already dealt with by the Bundestag on Thursday.

For the fourth term of chancellor Merkel this heavy bear is now out of the way. But there are still two major problems. On the one hand, the dichotomy in medical care, in which many patients are discriminated against. On the other hand, the short-term work contracts that detest millions of employees. The SPD wants to get rid of this and the CDU would like to help here.

However, there is still a member consultation with the former workers' party, in which noisy critics would prefer the opposition. 'The September elections showed that this government is not wanted. And we do not want the nationalist AfD to be the biggest opposition party, 'said SPD rebel Kevin K├╝hnert today.

This 28-year-old president of the youth movement calls on his party not to vote for Merkel with the big coalition. At the SPD party congress in Bonn, he received the most applause last week. And about seven thousand new partygoers have become members of the Social Democrats these days, possibly to prevent a new cabinet.

But the party leadership puts a stop to this. Persons who become members from the beginning of February are not allowed to participate, according to Secretary General Lars Klingbeil.

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