Brazil judge freezes assets Facebook

Brazil judge freezes assets Facebook

Tech July 1, 2016 10:30

- A judge laid in Brazil on Thursday seized a small 5.5 million in funds of Facebook Inc. That happened after WhatsApp has not transferred any messages that might have to do with a drug case, report news site G1 and Reuters.

According to the Brazilian police WhatsApp has not followed orders several times to play messages that are sent and received by people who are suspected to be part of an international cocaine smuggling ring, where an inquiry into it in January. Without such data eight police unlikely that links can be established between recently arrested detainees and their allies in Brazil, Bolivia and Spain.

The Brazilian court froze the assets, which are not the same as the penalties for WhatsApp to cooperate in the case, after five months, the information was not transferred. Because WhatsApp has no bank accounts in Brazil, the court froze assets of parent company Facebook.
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The judge, however, has not shut down the service due to non-compliance with court orders, as before happened in a similar case this year. When a judge WhatsApp laid flat for 72 hours. The 100 million Brazilian users the time were not happy about it. After another court lifted the blockade on about 24 hours.

At the time of the blockade of Facebook that gave WhatsApp stores messages from users. And if they were to do so, they can not read them because they were encrypted.

Facebook this time was not immediately available for comment.

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