Boy suddenly sees a long hose between legs

Boy suddenly sees a long hose between legs

World March 22, 2018 19:39

mountain creek - A teenager from the Australian suburb of Mountain Creek has recently had the fright of his life. He sat on the toilet when he suddenly felt something unknown slipping from below.

When he looked down, it turned out to be a python almost two meters long. The boy succeeded in shaking the hose in time and calling a snake catcher.

Luke Huntley received the call around 11 pm. On Facebook he tells what happened. 'The snake tried to bite it and was clearly in predatory mode,' he says in a video (see below).

Because the teenager remained calm, he was not bitten, says snake catcher Huntley. Fortunately. 'I've been bitten by such a snake myself and it's not fun, even though the bite is not toxic', he says in Australian media.

'If they get stuck, then that can cause all sorts of problems. Moreover, it was a rather thick copy with a big head. I had to be very careful while catching. '

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