Boy sent away to shorts, returns in skirt

Boy sent away to shorts, returns in skirt

World June 21, 2018 10:54

aberaeron - The 16-year-old student Louis Fice from Wales was sent home by his school last week because he came to school in shorts. Shorts are not part of the school uniform, that's how it sounded. No point Fice thought and returned in a skirt a little later.

At secondary school in Aberaeron, Wales, pupils can only come to school in shorts if the director gives them explicit permission. It was not there Wednesday, even though it was a wonderfully warm day.

Louis found it really too hot for the long pants of the school uniform and came, completely against the rules, in shorts to school. He was sent there.

The girls are allowed to wear a skirt all year round. So, Louis reasoned, a skirt would be appropriate clothing. He borrowed a copy of a friend and returned to school.

The school management was not happy with Fice's new outfit. Fice was not allowed to wear a skirt. 'Unfair, I had to change clothes from the teachers. '

And Fice went too far. 'How dare they put me in a booth just because I look like a boy', says Fice. 'Stop this inequality and add the shorts to the school uniform', he calls on Facebook. 'It is 2018, not 1950.'

To reinforce his words, the boy has started a petition calling for the abolition of the current uniform rules and calls for a gender neutral variant.

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