Boy (7) caught with bomb belt in Iraq

Boy (7) caught with bomb belt in Iraq

World March 22, 2017 13:39

mosul - The Iraqi government army near Mosul arrested a 7-year-old boy with a bomb belt. The child was walking with explosives to commit his way down the street and was about a suicide attack.

The boy had barricaded between families who were fleeing the terrorists IS and was just outside Mosul caught by some soldiers.

the detention images show how a soldier on gentle manner pulling up the blue shirt of the child. 'Do not be afraid,' he says to the child while he strips the boy of his explosive ballast. The soldier cuts confident, but at the risk of their own lives, through all the wires and eventually remove the bomb belt of the small body.

The video, which was posted on video sharing site Live Leak, would be made on 18 March. According to unconfirmed berichtem the child is the youngest suicide bomber ever. The boy is supposedly controlled by Islamic State. The kid that 'Uday' would be called, had his 'uncle' had instructed to damage the army.

The hartverscheurde video pops up while the Iraqi government army has made significant progress in the recapture of the western district of Mosul on IS. The soldiers knew last week to take an important stronghold of the terrorists, a complex of government buildings.

Mosul is the third largest city in Iraq and the main IS stronghold in the country. The town near the border with Turkey is divided by the Tigris River. The government army currently has two of the five bridges in hands, including the important Freedom Bridge. The eastern part of the city was occupied by the army after four months of conflict in January. In the west, home to an estimated 650 000 people.

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