Boston Globe launches campaign Firearms

World June 17, 2016 09:12

boston - With an automatic weapon type AR-15 across the front page of the newspaper Boston Globe Thursday started a campaign against the sale of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. In addition to the weapon, the newspaper prints the words 'Make It Stop 'off.

Following the massacre in Florida, said on Sunday 49 people were shot by the automatic weapon. Designed for combat in a war, but makes the US a lot of casualties in peaceful streets, schools, bars and shopping. Such weapons have been used in massacres such as an elementary school in Newton (Connecticut), a movie theater in Aurora (Colorado), and a staff party in San Bernardino (California).

The campaign coincides with new efforts by Democratic leaders and senators to bring parliament into new weapons law. The ban on automatic weapons expired in 2004 and not renewed. The Boston Globe keeps track of how many people have since been slain by those weapons. The counter state have since 2004 been 47 'mass shootings' Thursday at 411..
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