Bosses in shock after death steps dog

Bosses in shock after death steps dog

World September 6, 2017 16:12

hohen neuendorf - A father and son were shocked in a hospital in Germany after their dog was killed by a passerby. That stamped the animal because he would be bitten by the dog at age, a cross between a dachshund and a terrier.

The incident was in place of Hohen Neuendorf in the state of Brandburg. The 54-year-old father and 16-year-old son left the dog on the street when a 33-year-old man arrived from the other side. The four-legged man would have put his teeth in the door. With a few steps he put an end to the life of the animal that was already weakened by age and disease.

The father and son were taken to a hospital where they received spiritual assistance.

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