Boss Airbus denounces division British cabinet

Boss Airbus denounces division British cabinet

World July 6, 2018 09:30

london - The CEO of Airbus appears to have little confidence in London's ability to bring British exit from the EU to a favorable conclusion. Tom Enders said at a briefing that the government of Theresa May has 'no idea' how the so-called brexit should be performed without causing major damage.

Enders said that within the government no consensus seems to exist about a solution. The aircraft manufacturer already reported last month about the possible consequences of the British departure from the EU. 'Put simply, the no-deal scenario poses a direct threat to Airbus's future in the United Kingdom,' warned Tom Williams, the chief operating officer of Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

Britain is still negotiating with Brussels about the future relationship with the EU. Within British politics, however, there is a lot of disagreement about what the deployment of these discussions should be. May and key cabinet members meet Friday at her official Checkers' country home to try to agree on it.

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