Boris falls in own sword

Boris falls in own sword

World July 1, 2016 07:45

london - The departure of the British from the European Union will require political victims in London. To the amazement of many of his party colleagues competing Brexit figurehead Boris Johnson not to the leadership of his party. His dream in order to become prime minister explodes.

,, I'm not the one to bring unity within the party, 'said Johnson himself. They are words that sound like the sound of someone who drinks a poisoned chalice. They come after the last few days after Comrade Comrade placed a stab in his back. The fatal words were spoken by Brexit faith-mate Michael Gove, the British Secretary of Justice.,, Boris Johnson does not have the leadership qualities needed at this time. '

The bursting of the Johnson's dream is to appreciate all the qualities of a classic drama, something the classical Johnson without a doubt. With all the twists and turns that come with such a tragedy. Gove until late Wednesday to convince political friends that they had to give their support to Johnson. But British political nights are long, these days. A lot can change in.
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The cracks in the 'dream team' Johnson Gove were already visible in the week. Gove was not very impressed- a typical English understatement- the hastily written column by Johnson in the Daily Telegraph earlier this week. Therein Johnson reported blandly that access to the internal market in the EU needed to be preserved. As that would mean that immigration could not be restrained, so be it so, Johnson presented him with the famous laziness. Since then, Johnson scrambled back.

Then leaked an email from Gove's wife Sarah Vine, a columnist for the Daily Mail from. She advised her husband to be his stubborn self in negotiations with Johnson. That stubbornness which now leads to the candidacy Gove as a possible successor to Cameron, he must also consider as miraculous. In interview after interview, he did not explain the recent years to have the right character to become prime minister. The remarkably little effort it took him to convince his interlocutors thereof. Boris Johnson with his Eton education still the 'man of the people ', while Michael Gove with his big glasses remains a somewhat stubborn and unworldly professor.

Besides Gove things Interior Minister Theresa May, Minister of Social Affairs Stephen Crabb, Energy Secretary Andrea Leadsom and former Defense Secretary Liam Fox along to the party leadership. The last two come from the Brexit camp, May and Crabb were in favor of EU membership.

May is by far the most likely, already have elections to the Conservatives tend to have more than one unexpected turn. None of the candidates faithful to the Brexit-decision. Now Johnson is lost, the more likely it is chosen for a solution outside the internal market.

Mitigating the immigration gets into the negotiations with the EU the priority it was in the eyes of UK voters. Haste will not be there with those negotiations. May think that they will not be launched before the end of the year.

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