Boost for Brussels police against terror

Boost for Brussels police against terror

World February 4, 2016 12:28

brussels - Police in and around Brussels gets more powers and manpower. There are 218 agents with which to counter the threat of terrorism and radicalization of Muslims in the Belgian capital.

The cost is 15 million euros, is a plan which the Belgian Council of Ministers according to the newspaper De Tijd Friday agrees. The measures following the attacks in Paris, including perpetrators were involved from Brussels. The government then made 400 million euros for the fight against terror.

If radical reputable figures would henceforth be screened weekly. The police must also mosques going to keep a closer eye. Things like slum landlords, passport forgery, arms and drugs to be addressed firmly. Such a crime would often linked to terror cells.

The agents are stationed in seven Brussels municipalities, including Jean, and the nearby Vilvoorde, where many jihadis come from.

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