Bomb expert of Al-Qaeda dead

Bomb expert of Al-Qaeda dead

World August 31, 2018 04:32

sana'a - The Muslim terrorist who single-handedly ensured stricter security checks at airports is dead. Nevertheless, the laptops will still have to be removed from the bag in the future and the bottles of water thrown away: Ibrahim al-Asiri has trained a large group of jihadists in the production of ingenious bombs.

It was the specialty of the world's most dangerous bomb maker: small explosives, with no or as little metal as possible, hiding in hard-to-find places. The 36-year-old Saudi produced, among other things, the underpants bomb with which a Nigerian student tried to blow up a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit almost ten years ago.

Al-Asiri also packed small bombs in ink cartridges, which could only be traced by a last-minute tip and rendered harmless before they were shipped in American cargo planes. The reason that the United States recently banned laptops on some flights from the Middle East was evidence that Al-Asiri had created bombs that could be hidden in small electronic devices.

An American drone would have disabled the terrorist, who had $ 5 million in his head, in Yemen at the end of last year. American and Yemeni government officials confirmed the news. Yet there are still doubts. His death was reported twice before. In addition, Al-Qaeda has not recognized his death, which it normally does with important leaders.

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