Body Kim Wall complete now?

World November 29, 2017 13:51

copenhagen - Divers have found an arm in a bay near the Danish capital Copenhagen. The police assume that the body part belongs to the body of Kim Wall. This Swedish journalist died under mysterious circumstances on board a submarine.

That boat was designed by the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who is a suspect of murder in this case.

The arm was found in the Koes Bay, south of Copenhagen. A few weeks ago another arm was found in the same water. If the Wednesday found arm also belongs to Wall's remains, then the search for remains of the thirty-year-old journalist can be closed. The police searched for the different parts for months and found them all.

Kim Wall boarded Madsen's submarine in the summer and did not return. The 46-year-old inventor is accused of having killed, abused and cut the woman into pieces. Finally, he threw her remains into the sea. Madsen claims that the woman died on board due to an accident. The trial against him begins on 8 March next year.

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