Body deceased British girl is frozen

Body deceased British girl is frozen

World November 18, 2016 10:03

london - The body of a fourteen-year-old British girl who was deceased from cancer, may be frozen by a US company. Her father had filed a lawsuit to prevent, but the judge still gives permission, the Guardian reported Friday.

Before she died, the girl explained in a letter from her motives. 'I am only fourteen years old and I do not want to die, but I know I will do. I think cryopreservation gives me a chance to be generated once and heal, even though it is perhaps only hundreds of years. '

The parents of the girl are separated. Her mother, with whom she lived, supported her last wish, but her father she had not seen for years opposed it that his deceased daughter at all would be brought to the United States. During the trial he changed the view,.

For converted 43. 000 the body is kept indefinitely. Scientific are huge jumps required to generate a deceased person back to life, if they ever can.

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