Boats with corpses wash up in Japan

Boats with corpses wash up in Japan

World December 2, 2015 11:48

- Twelve boats have been in recent weeks on the Japanese coast washed ashore. On board the vessel were under the Japanese Coast Guard in a total of 22 deaths. In Japan, inter alia suggested that it comes to North Korean fishing boats.

North Korea, however, no loss of vessels reported. However, the Korean dictator Kim Jong-un recently assigned a high priority to fishing. Fish and fish products are important for export, which brings much needed foreign currency in the drawer. Another alternative is to North Korea with food scarcity.

The Japanese authorities reject any explanation of the macabre finds. On one of the boats would be handwritten signs which indicate that the vessel was part of the 325th unit of the North Korean army. TV recordings from some boats show that it is relatively primitive vessels.

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