Bluetooth faster with greater reach

Bluetooth faster with greater reach

Tech November 12, 2015 15:37

- Bluetooth is faster and reach is greatly boosted. That leaves the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) know on the website. The successor to Bluetooth 4.0 will be rolled out sometime in 2016.

The speed is doubled, says the organization that regulates the development of bluetooth. The current rate is about 25 MB per second. The higher speeds will not be at the expense of power consumption promises SIG.

More importantly, the range of devices with Bluetooth is increased. In practice, they get only ten meters and will change. This is necessary because the internet of things have many devices connected to it reach more needed to communicate. This is achieved by the devices with each other to let form a kind of network. This allows connected devices with a poor range still transmit their data or harvesting.

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