Block: threatener mayor not prosecuted unjustly

Block: threatener mayor not prosecuted unjustly

World March 29, 2017 10:33

den bosch - Minister Stef Blok (Security and Justice) thinks that the threats against the Mayor Jan Boelhouwer Gilze-Rijen should be prosecuted. During a visit in England said the outgoing minister that the decision of the prosecution not to prosecute the suspect was incorrect.

'The prosecution admitted that it was an unfortunate decision and made excuses. Where people work, mistakes are made. 'The minister responded to the question whether it was a wrong decision. 'It is even more serious to threaten guards and officials as mayor. It should certainly be prosecuted, 'the minister said.

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Boelhouwer mayor, a municipal official and a policeman were threatened by the dreaded dealer Jan B. from Hulten. Last week it was announced that the prosecution will not prosecute him for that because the 66-year-old defendant was sentenced recently to long prison twice. The chance of a successful prosecution was no longer possible, according to the prosecutor.

Boelhouwer responded that outraged on. He received support from, among others, several mayors Brabant.

Blok is already a proposal in parliament to expand the possibilities to prosecute in such cases. Blok was in Den Bosch at a conference with regional mayors crime. He also goes on a working visit at the Brabant police.

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