Black magic saves girls from sex equipment

Black magic saves girls from sex equipment

World September 20, 2018 16:32

abuja - 'When I go out, the girls are around me, pleading to take them to Europe. I refuse. I am afraid to die, 'says 42-year-old Patience, who smuggled Nigerian girls to Europe for almost twenty years.

Now everything is different. Since black magic priests have spoken a curse about traffickers such as Patience, she is afraid.

The boss of the Nigerian organization against trafficking has turned to the local leader 'Oba Ewuare II' of the Edo people for lack of tangible results. Between 2014 and 1016 tenfold the number of Nigerian girls who came to Europe, and often ended in the sex industry. Almost all girls come from Edo area.

There they were always cursed by juju priests. If the girls 'betrayed' their traffickers, something bad would happen to them.

The juju priests have been called together and had to withdraw from 'Oba' the curse, while precisely the traffickers were cursed. Many women believe in it. The news is about social media and girls dare to speak out. Figures are not there, but there is 'clear difference' according to the authorities. Girls call the organization and dare to testify. Young, jubilant girls post videos on YouTube about their new life.

The 24-year-old Florence testified to her trader after five years of sex work in Russia, but before the curse was lifted. 'As soon as I made that decision, my mother was afraid,' she says. She fell ill a few months later. 'My family asked: do not you think it's the black magic?' She is doing well now.

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