Black boxes EgyptAir badly damaged

Black boxes EgyptAir badly damaged

World June 19, 2016 19:30

- The black boxes of the crashed plane last month of EgyptAir, are severely damaged. It will be 'much time and effort' cost to restore the data the researchers said.

The analysis of the recorders, which may contain more information about the cause of the crash has begun. The Egyptian team is assisted by experts from France and the United States.

The data storage of both the cockpit voice recorder, which records conversations of the captains, and the data recorder, which contains information about the flight, are dried and are now being tested. Then they must be repaired. Only then can be started with the data extraction.
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The researchers mainly pinned their hopes on the data recorder. If there was a technical fault, this should be apparent from information on the part of the black box.

Although there is nothing yet established the cause of the crash will experts from a technical fault and not of deliberate sabotage.

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