Bizarre murder Vietnam

Bizarre murder Vietnam

World July 13, 2016 15:18

- A Vietnamese last Sunday killed after his ex-wife, his testicles five minutes grabbed during a heated argument between the two.

The 53-year-old woman claims to be repeatedly abused by her former husband (55), who last weekend was suddenly in front of her door. The woman refused the man to admit, when it took a saw and thus the lock of the door trying to break open.

The two then got into a heated discussion, in which the man hit the woman with his fists. The man's wife and daughters, who were home at the time, tried in vain to stop their father. To stop its aggressive ex-husband, she grabbed his testicles. Then she jumped on his chest while she still was holding his private parts. Rushed neighbors could put the Vietnamese finally stopped.
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The man had already lost consciousness and was taken to hospital by the emergency services alerted by ambulance. He died on the way. The man appeared to have died from suffocation: all a commotion there was food put away his windpipe.

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