Bitcoin by roof with McAfee

Bitcoin by roof with McAfee

Tech May 25, 2017 14:06

- Software Security Officer John McCafee puts his capital full in bitcoins. After purchasing a gaming company, the controversial ict-guru targets everything on the digital currency. That price went by the $ 2700 each on Thursday.

The technician, previously in flight for the authorities after suspicion of murder, expects his gaming company to go to an annual profit due to the rush of the Bitcoin cryptomint this year. The company is also in alternative coins such as ethereum and monero.

Bitcoin's price development has already been strong in recent months. The currency is gaining more and more entry.

McAfee's flight to Belize is filmed, with Johny Depp in the lead.

Especially thanks to the digital mining activities, such as the creation of the cryptomax, McAfee thinks of new wealth.

McAfee, former multimillionaire, and according to Forbes's personal magazine, still owns $ 4 million worth of assets, claims to be able to grow with MGT Capital as the world's largest bitcoin mining company.

The currency is making a rapid advance this year, after extremely volatile quarters earlier. The Bitcoin appears to be eligible for legalization in the US. China's demand for the alternative currency has grown sharply, as in Japan.

MGT Capital has been given the opportunity to purchase another thousand computers to 'mines' new bitcoins. Initially, there will be 225 per month, one hundred a month earlier, according to McAfee. He estimates that there will be a global standard to legalize the crypto points.

'It can not be a bubble,' said McAfee, who thinks millions of Intel have taken over their security company.

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