Biotope control with app

Biotope control with app

Tech October 12, 2015 16:40

- These days it seems almost anything can be controlled with an application , from thermostats to security cameras and lighting to the locks on the front door . New in this category is the Biopod , a complete biotope in a terrarium that too with a smartphone to send .

The idea behind the Biopod is that the environmental factors can be adjusted remotely. Want a hot, desert-like environment? He is considered 'hot' and 'dry' adjusted. Better a piece of rainforest? Then Biopod is hot with high humidity. All of the temperature until light and even artificial rain can be set.

According to the authors, the Biopod can be used to grow certain plants, but also it can be set up as a terrarium for a pet. There's even a built-in camera that can be watched on the smartphone how it goes with the plant and / or animal.

The author raises money for the production via Kickstarter. There are three different types available, the initial price is the equivalent of € 196.

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